The application (link below) does not allow you to save and finish later, you must complete it once you have started or restart from the beginning.  Please review the “Required Supplemental Information Guide” before you begin your application.

It is strongly recommended that you gather all required supplemental information before you begin filling out the application.

Listed below are questions that will be asked in the application and a list all of required supplemental documentation.

Please review the descriptions for eligiblity. 

Required Supplemental Information Guide

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Applicant Information
First Name / Last Name / Student Number / NSID / Email / Date of Birth / Phone Number

Address to Send Income Tax T4a Form
Street Address or Box Number / City / Province / Postal Code

Degree Sought
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts and Science /Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Music

3 Year / 4 Year / Honours / Double Honours / Certificate
Intended Major(s) / Intended Minor(s) / Intended Certificate(s)

High School of Graduation
City/Town / Province / Country / Year of High School Graduation (YYYY)