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The social sciences and humanities disciplines e.g. Anthropology, Archaeology, Catholic Studies, Classics, Classics Medieval, Renaissance Studies, Economics, English, French, Hebrew, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Latin, Literature, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Ukrainian, help us better understand human existance. What does it mean to be human? What rights and responsibilities do you have? What makes society work? Where do our values come from? Questions like these are addressed through liberal arts education.

Discover what St. Thomas More College has to offer!

  • A scholarly community in the Catholic intellectual tradition that is open to all USask students
  • Over 245 classes in 19 different subject areas
  • $200,000 available in student scholarships, bursaries, and awards
  • 8 student clubs including drama and glee!
  • Unique study abroad and community service-learning options

Develop your identity and discover the role you can play in your communities!

An important part of the traditional university experience is personal growth and development. There are always great challenges and opportunities to be faced. How will you use your unique combination of experiences, interests, talents, and passions to contribute to society?  Through a combination of formal and informal learning experiences, STM has been helping students discover their place in the world since 1936.