STM’s GSCS Student Art Exhibition 2021

A showcase of recent work by Grade 12 students from Bethlehem Catholic High School, Bishop James Mahoney High School, E.D. Feehan High School, Holy Cross High School, Oskayak High School and St. Joseph High School

St. Thomas More College (STM) celebrates the creativity and individuality of all students. Our annual STM Greater Saskatoon Catholic School (GSCS) Student Art Exhibition provides local Grade 12 students an opportunity to showcase their work in a campus setting.

Last year, due to COVID restrictions, we had to cancel our regular exhibition and reception evening. With many restrictions still in effect, we have moved the exhibition for 2021 into the virtual arena, with online access to the art.

Thank you to all the students for providing us the opportunity to showcase your talents and additionally to the supportive teachers and counsellors for ensuring facilitation and participation in this initiative.

We are excited to share with the community the wonderful and inspiring talent of so many graduating Greater Saskatoon Catholic Students.

Please enjoy!


2021 Virtual GSCS Student Art Exhibition Welcome




Alexandra Desalisa

"Self Portrait and Ambitions"        
Acrylic and paper

Ava Dormuth

Oil Paint on Glass


Ivy Kish-Greer

Mixed Media on Paper



Savanna Krahn

"Restore Me"                                   
Acrylic on Paper


Marie Levesque

Mixed Media and Paint on Paper


Joseph Medernach

"Beginning of a Hero's Era"              
3D Blender Model


Andrea Mercado

Acrylic on Paper


Andrea Mercola

Mixed Media and Digital


Dom Mutala

"The Monsters That Lay Within"     
Acrylic on Vinyl


Ally Seifert

"Perception (P)"                               
Oil paint on glass

Ember Dashney                             

“Words Spoken in Lines”                               
Floral foam, acrylic    
Sculptures based on the book The Education of Augie Merasty: A Residential School Memoir



Jude Farthing                               

India Ink                     
Artwork inspired by Edgar Allan Poe



Ivy Florendo                                 

Mixed Media



Ahlia Gumtang                             

“Stolen Life”                                                   
Floral foam, acrylic    
Sculptures based on the book The Education of Augie Merasty: A Residential School Memoir



Kaelyn Lalach                               

Artwork inspired by their spirit animal



Kaitlyn Price                                 

“A City Submerged”   
India ink                     
Artwork inspired by Edgar Allan Poe



Iris Velasquez                               

“Eagle eye”                 
Graphite pencil          
Artwork inspired by their spirit animal

Keayan Alarcon-Souweha             

"Appreciating Plants"                       
Acrylic on Paper             







Eric Bodkin                                   

"The Eyes Can See Beyond"             
Watercolor and Ink on Paper                        







Allysa Bustamanate                     

"My Sides of Self"           
Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Paper  






Alecia Butzelaar                           

"Flowers in Her Hair"                       
Acrylic, Ink, Marker and Watercolor on Paper                                  






John Calub                                     

"Inside Out"                                      
Graphic Tablet, Affinity Photo and Computer       





Elisha Ducie                                 

"Lush Lips"                                        
Acrylic on Paper      






Taryn Kristjansson                       

Collage, acrylic and coloured pencil





Madison McGillivray                    

"Good Friends"                                 
Watercolour and ink on paper                      






Tia Page                                        

"Fashion Designing Ideas"               
Watercolor, ink and acrylic on paper





Meadow Reed                               

"Enjoying the Lake"                          
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper   






Rebeka Russell                             

"Understanding the Light"               
Acrylic on Paper                    






Angelica Rutkowski                      

Graphic Tablet, Affinity Photo and Computer         






Shelby Sabo                                   

"My Other Side of Self"                  
Collaged magazines, acrylic paint and oil pastel     






Keylianne Smith                           

"Self Portraits In Design"                 
Graphic Tablet, Affinity Photo and Computer    






Jenny Zhou                                   

"In Honor of My Mother"                
Watercolor and Coffee Ground                     





Jenna Netmaker





Isabelle Sutherland-Scott            

Acrylic on Canvas                         

Emmanuella Aderibigbe              

"Three Heads"                                  
Chalk Pastel     






Emem Bassey                               

“I’m in the Nile, deep in denial”  
Acrylic & Gel Medium






Dani Bell                                       

"Seeing the Brightside"                    






Runo Onoruvwe                           







Megan Praski