Picture of  Allan Adam

Allan Adam Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Syed Azeem

Syed Azeem Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Jacquie Berg

Jacquie Berg Director of Communications, Marketing, and Student Recruitment

Picture of  Henri Biahé

Henri Biahé Assistant Professor

Picture of  Carleigh Brady

Carleigh Brady Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Shakti Brazier-Tompkins Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Carie Buchanan

Carie Buchanan Associate Professor; Department Head, Psychology

Picture of  Tracey Carr

Tracey Carr Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Greg Clemence

Greg Clemence Facilities Manager

Daniel DeLury Sessional Instructor

Mark Doerksen Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Terry Downey

Terry Downey Emeritus President

Picture of  Derek Eisner

Derek Eisner Sessional Instructor

Picture of Marina Ellis

Marina Ellis BComm Receptionist

Picture of  Adam Epp

Adam Epp Sessional Instructor

Janel Fergusson Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Christopher Foley

Christopher Foley Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Nadya Foty-Oneschuk

Nadya Foty-Oneschuk Term Faculty

Picture of  Amanda Gieni

Amanda Gieni Library Technician & Records Manager

Picture of  Triporna Gomes

Triporna Gomes Kitchen Staff, Choices

Picture of  Rita Hamoline

Rita Hamoline Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Christopher Hrynkow

Christopher Hrynkow Professor; Director of the Centre for Faith, Reason, Peace, and Justice

Picture of  Linda Huard

Linda Huard BA Recruitment Officer and Academic Advisor

Picture of Monica Hwang

Monica Hwang Associate Professor; Department Head, Sociology

Picture of  Ria Jenkins

Ria Jenkins Assistant Professor; Department Head, Philosophy

Picture of  Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Daniel Krahn

Daniel Krahn Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Harry Lafond

Harry Lafond STM Scholar in Indigenous Education

Picture of  Andre Lalach

Andre Lalach Campus Minister, Priest

Picture of  John Liptay

John Liptay Associate Professor; Acting Head, Religion and Culture

Picture of Michael MacLean

Michael MacLean M.R.E. Campus Minister

Richard Manley-Tannis Adjunct Professor

Picture of  Jim Mariano

Jim Mariano System Administrator

Picture of  Corinne Rae Mathews

Corinne Rae Mathews Library Technician

Picture of Richard Medernach

Richard Medernach MEd Manager of Student Experience and Enrolment

Picture of  Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell Academic Administrative Assistant

Picture of  Martin Nord

Martin Nord Assistant Librarian

Picture of  Shelby Novak

Shelby Novak Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Kate O'Gorman

Kate O'Gorman Executive Assistant to the Dean

Anita Ogurlu Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Kandice Parker

Kandice Parker Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Heather Peters

Heather Peters Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Nelly Plantiveau

Nelly Plantiveau Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Michael Poellet

Michael Poellet Sessional Instructor

Picture of Alisha Pomazon

Alisha Pomazon Assistant Professor; On sabbatical 2023-24

Picture of  Derrin Raffey

Derrin Raffey CFO and Director of Administration

Picture of  Daniel Regnier

Daniel Regnier Associate Professor; Department Head, Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies

Picture of  Sherry Richert

Sherry Richert Administrative Assistant

Penny Sanz Sessional Instructor

Wayne Schlapkohl Sessional Instructor

Peggy Schmeiser Adjunct Professor

Picture of  Dean Schmidt

Dean Schmidt BA Student Academic Services Specialist

Picture of  Celene Sidloski

Celene Sidloski Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Kari Sinkewicz

Kari Sinkewicz Manager of Development & Alumni Relations

Picture of  Paul Sinkewicz

Paul Sinkewicz Marketing, Communications, and Development Assistant

Picture of  Fr. Greg Smith-Windsor

Fr. Greg Smith-Windsor Sessional Instructor

Cheryl Soulodre Emerita Professor

Picture of  Katerina  Standish

Katerina Standish Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Kerry Stefaniuk

Kerry Stefaniuk Manager of Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits

Picture of Stacy Stillwell

Stacy Stillwell BSc Information Technology Manager

Picture of  Sasha Sukkhu

Sasha Sukkhu Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Heather Wagg

Heather Wagg Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Cynthia Wallace

Cynthia Wallace Associate Professor; Department Head, English

Josh Wallace Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Caitlin Ward

Caitlin Ward Manager of Engaged Learning

Picture of  Bryan Wiebe

Bryan Wiebe Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Celeste Woloschuk

Celeste Woloschuk BTh (Hons) Campus Minister

Picture of  Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright Professor; Director, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies

Picture of  David York

David York Sessional Instructor

Picture of Cheryl Yuzwa

Cheryl Yuzwa College Secretary and Executive Assistant to the President

Picture of  Zachary Yuzwa

Zachary Yuzwa Assistant Professor; Department Head, History

Picture of  Jason Zorbas

Jason Zorbas Sessional Instructor