Picture of  Allan Adam

Allan Adam Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Lisa Broda

Lisa Broda Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Gerry Farthing

Gerry Farthing Associate Dean; Department Head, Psychology

Picture of  Christopher Foley

Christopher Foley Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Christopher Hrynkow

Christopher Hrynkow Professor; Director of the Centre for Faith, Reason, Peace, and Justice

Picture of Monica Hwang

Monica Hwang Associate Professor

Picture of  Anna Klimina

Anna Klimina Associate Professor; Acting Head, Economics

Picture of Sarah Knudson

Sarah Knudson Associate Professor; Department Head, Sociology

Picture of  John Liptay

John Liptay Associate Professor; Department Head, Philosophy

Richard Manley-Tannis Adjunct Professor

Picture of Alisha Pomazon

Alisha Pomazon Assistant Professor; Department Head, Religion and Culture

Danusha Rajapaksa Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Daniel Regnier

Daniel Regnier Associate Professor; Department Head, Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies

Peggy Schmeiser Adjunct Professor

Picture of  Charles Smith

Charles Smith Associate Professor; Department Head, Political Studies

Cheryl Soulodre Emerita Professor

Picture of  Cynthia Wallace

Cynthia Wallace Associate Professor; Department Head, English

Picture of  Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright Professor; Department Head, History; Director, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies