Picture of  Allan Adam

Allan Adam Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Mary Ann Beavis

Mary Ann Beavis Emeritus Professor

Research Area(s): Christian Origins, Religion and Popular Culture, Women and Religion

Picture of  Jennifer Briere

Jennifer Briere Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Child & Adult Development, Successful Aging, Digital Literacy & Technology Use, Memory & Forgetting, Exploring digital literacy in older adulthood

Picture of  Lisa Broda

Lisa Broda Sessional Instructor

Research Area(s): Intimate and Domestic Violence, Child and Human Rights, Media Studies and Research, Social Control and Governmentality

Picture of  Carie Buchanan

Carie Buchanan Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Social development in childhood, adolescence, and emerging adulthood, Peer relationships: positive interactions (e.g., friendship) and negative interactions (e.g., victimization)

Picture of  Brian Chartier

Brian Chartier Emeritus Professor

Research Area(s): Bereavement, Parenting capacity

Picture of  Michael Cichon

Michael Cichon Associate Professor; Department Head, English

Research Area(s): Mediaeval Welsh language and literature, The blood feud, Arthurian literature, The Cult of Chivalry and the Religion of Love

Picture of  Wilfrid Denis

Wilfrid Denis Emeritus Professor

Research Area(s): Minority relations, ethnic minorities, official language communities, theory, social inequality

Ann DeVito Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Amanda Devitt

Amanda Devitt Sessional Instructor

Research Area(s): Roman social and cultural history (esp. early-late Imperial Rome), infames and marginalized groups in Rome, ancient leisure and entertainment (esp. sport and spectacle)

Picture of  Tania Duclos

Tania Duclos Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): 19th Century French novel, Intertextuality, Androgyny in Literature, Acadian Literature

Picture of  Heidi Epstein

Heidi Epstein Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Feminist and Queer Theologies, Women in Western Religions, Theories of Sacred Music in Western Religions, Religion and Pop Music, New Musicological Analysis of Biblical Texts Set to Music

Picture of  Gerry Farthing

Gerry Farthing Associate Professor; Department Head, Psychology

Research Area(s): Stress, coping and resiliency in children who are embroiled in custody disputes., Mood and eating disorders in children and adolescents., Friendships, romance and intimacy in adolescents.

Picture of  Christopher Foley

Christopher Foley Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Fachrizal A. Halim

Fachrizal A. Halim Lecturer

Research Area(s): Contemporary Islam, Islamic intellectual history, Islamic Law, Islamic Schools of Law, Islam, race, and ethnicity, Christian-Muslim Relations, Muslims’ interactions with non-Muslim polities and cultures, Islam and the modern states, Islam in Cyberspace

Picture of  Kylee-Anne Hingston

Kylee-Anne Hingston Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Victorian literature, disability studies, children’s literature

Picture of  Christopher Hrynkow

Christopher Hrynkow Associate Professor; Department Head, Religion & Culture; Director of the Centre for Faith, Reason, Justice, and Peace

Research Area(s): Religion and Science, Cultural and Social Sustainability, Religion and Ecology, Ecojustice, Peace and Social Justice, Nonviolent Activism, Catholic Social Teaching, Ecological Ethics, Transformative Learning, Catholic Studies, Cross-Cultural Education, Religion and Politics, Green Living

Picture of  Paulette Hunter

Paulette Hunter Associate Professor

Research Area(s): End of life issues in long-term care, Behavioural support in long-term care, Stigma and personhood in dementia, Psychological interventions to promote health and quality of life

Picture of Monica Hwang

Monica Hwang Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Racial and Ethnic Stratification, Immigration and Diversity, Political Sociology, Social Inequality, Social Capital, Education

Picture of  Anthony Jenkins

Anthony Jenkins Sessional Instructor

Research Area(s): Logic, Philosophy and History of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Metaphysics, Philosophical Psychology/Anthropology, Bertrand Russell, Gotlob Frege, L. Wittgenstein, Aquinas and Aristotle

Picture of  Ria Jenkins

Ria Jenkins Assistant Professor; Department Head, Philosophy

Research Area(s): Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Ethics

Daniel Kary Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Darlene Kelly

Darlene Kelly Emeritus Professor

Research Area(s): Modern Catholic writers, Life writings, Comparative literature

Picture of Sarah Knudson

Sarah Knudson Associate Professor; Department Head, Sociology

Research Area(s): Families, family formation and couple formation, Intimate relationships and relationship advice, Representations of gender in popular culture, Self-help, experts and advice-seeking

Picture of  Bohdan Kordan

Bohdan Kordan Professor

Research Area(s): Nationalism, Conflict, State Minority Relations, Canadian Foreign Policy, Historical Cartography of Eastern Europe, Contemporary Ukraine

Picture of Arul Kumaran

Arul Kumaran Dean

Research Area(s): Early Modern English Pamphlets, Shakespeare, Renaissance Courtesy Literature

Picture of  John Liptay

John Liptay Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Aquinas’ ethics and the Thomistic philosophical tradition, Theoretical and normative issues in moral philosophy, The philosophy of Bernard Lonergan

Picture of  Tammy Marche

Tammy Marche Associate Dean

Research Area(s): Cognitive Development, Memory Development across the Lifespan, Memory Accuracy (Forgetting) and Memory Distortion (False Memory, Suggestibility), Psychology and Law (Eyewitness memory), Memory and Health (Children's Memory for Pain), Memory and Education (Improving Children's Memory and Academic Performance)

Picture of  David McGrane

David McGrane Professor

Research Area(s): Saskatchewan Politics, Political Marketing, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Childcare Policy, Voters and Canadian Elections, The Federal NDP under the Leadership of Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair, Canadian Political Theory, Canadian Political Parties

Picture of  Darrell McLaughlin

Darrell McLaughlin Emeritus Professor

Research Area(s): The social relations involved in building and maintaining a solidarity food system locally and globally.

Picture of  Saeed Moshiri

Saeed Moshiri Professor; Department Head, Economics

Research Area(s): Applied Economics, Energy Economics, Economic Growth, Development Economics

Picture of Alisha Pomazon

Alisha Pomazon Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Modern Jewish Thought, Biblical Interpretation, Salvation Theology, Jewish-Christian Relations, Messianic Thought

Tom Porter Sessional Instructor

Picture of  Sarah Powrie

Sarah Powrie Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Chaucer's dream visions, Textual reception, Medieval and early modern science

Picture of  Daniel Regnier

Daniel Regnier Associate Professor; Department Head, Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies

Research Area(s): Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy in the Islamic World (In particular the transmission of Greek thought into Arabic), Comparative Philosophy (in particular Greece and China), German Idealism, Philosophy of Music

Picture of Dr. Gertrude Rompré

Dr. Gertrude Rompré Ed.D. Director of Mission and Ministry

Research Area(s): Catholic identity/Catholic higher education leadership, Critical realist social theory , Spirituality and social justice, Social dimensions of reconciliation/Reconciling peoples

Picture of  Lesya Sabada

Lesya Sabada Sessional Instructor

Research Area(s): Religious Peacebuilding, Peace Theology of the World's Religions, Religious Peacebuilding and Environmental Ethics, Inter-religious and Intra-religious Peacebuilding, Practical Application of Byzantine Peace Theology

Picture of  Charles Smith

Charles Smith Associate Professor; Department Head, Political Studies

Research Area(s): Canadian and International political economy, Public law, Labour unions, Federal and provincial public policy

Cheryl Soulodre Emeritus Professor

Picture of Carl Still

Carl Still President

Research Area(s): Conscience – history of conscience; problem of mistaken conscience, Medieval philosophy and theology; Thomas Aquinas, Philosophy of religion – problem of knowing God; rationality of faith, Philosophy of mind – self-knowledge

Picture of  Cynthia Wallace

Cynthia Wallace Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Catholic writers, Postcolonial literature, Women writers and feminist theory, Religion and literature, Ethical theory

Picture of  Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright Associate Professor; Department Head, History

Research Area(s): Medieval England 500 ce to 1500 ce, Conflict & Violence Studies, Crusades, Pre-Modern Women’s History, Medical History, The Middle Ages in Film, The Provenance of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books in Collections on the Canadian Prairies

Picture of  Zachary Yuzwa

Zachary Yuzwa Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Late Antiquity, Latin Literature, Asceticism and Monasticism, Classical receptions in Christian literature, Literary form and genre in late antiquity, especially dialogue and epistolography